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Due to the nature of modeling, at times there might be partial or full nudity in pictures. This can be done in the name of "art", in the name of "eroticism", etc. It is my intention to only have pictures on my site in the name of "art".
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I put my age as 31 at because in modeling you are put in age ranges.
I can model in the 30-40 age range.

My goals? Some day to have my OWN modeling agency ......but ONLY representing HEALTHY models, internally and externally. And I'd like to produce calendars and/or posters of outrageous examples of beauty, possibly being in them myself.
God has given us health and the means by which to preserve it. It is our responsibility to take care of our bodies. The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, defile the temple and God will defile you.
Do I worship human bodies? NO, I worship GOD. I celebrate GOD'S incredible works.....the human body being one of them. And healthy bodies are truly pure art forms. Take ANY "ugly" person, whether people's opinions of someone's ugliness are do to their big ears (like mine!), a big nose, etc. and get that so-called "ugly" person in great shape physically......and they turn into a "work of art". EVERY person has the opportunity to be a "work of art" .......AND HEALTHY !!!

Travel Bag:
1. mousse
2. hair brush
3. razor
4. shaving cream
5. spray bottle with water
6. scissors
7. baby oil
It is up to YOU, the model, to supply everything you need to get yourself prepared for the shoot. They might have what they want at the shoot, but ALWAYS be prepared on your own.

1. head
2. full body (underwear or bathing suit)
3. casual
4. athletic moves (examples: tennis, roller blade, volleyball, etc.)
It is up to YOU, the model, to get your pictures taken and UPDATED frequently to supply the prospective clients with a current depiction of what you look like.



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