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These are some letters and articles that help to validate the information on this site. Letters 1 - 6 are articles Barry wrote for his "Active Life" column for The Goleta Sun newspaper. Please excuse the spelling and punctuation, The Goleta Sun received quality copy and didn't let Barry proofread the final product before publishing. Also, please forgive the "scrappiness" look of the articles, for they are Xerox copies of original printed articles.
The linked files range between 30K-125K, some download faster than others.
Letter 1
Goleta Sun article about aerobic exercise.
Letter 2
Goleta Sun Active Life column -- the first article.
Letter 3
Goleta Sun article about muscle training.
Letter 4
Goleta Sun article about getting "highs" in life.
Letter 5
Goleta Sun article about  diet and weight loss.
Letter 6
Goleta Sun article about choosing a health club.
Letter 7
Letter 8
Physical therapist describes Barry's therapy technique.
Letter 9
Podiatrist describes Barry's rotator cuff technique.
Letter 10
Kirsten tells you in her own words. She wins the UCLA MVP award.
Letter 11
A 2 1/2 hour lecture at UCLA about the body. Audience participation.
Letter 12
Physical therapist hired Barry to get  in shape, firm up and lose fat.
Letter 13
Seminar at Nautilus of Santa Barbara.
Letter 14
Nutrex software - Barry's first company/software.
Letter 15
Sports agent brings his baseball pitcher to Barry.
Letter 16
Sheila Cluff invites Barry to lecture at her spas. PHD recommends Barry to Sheila.
Letter 17
Palm Springs spa responds to Barry's lecture. Audience participation - no notes.
Letter 18
Prince Tennis representative recommends Barry to Junior Davis Cup coach.
Letter 19
Club Corporation of America official writes about her dealings with
Letter 20
Art of Tennis - written for Kirsten to help with her mental approach to tennis and life.

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