As my spirit searches for, finds and aligns itself closer and closer with GOD, so shall my body search for, find and align itself closer and closer with nature. Your food is an opportunity to ingest nature's nutrients to aid your body in performance. Sometimes people organize into groups that develop artificial this and synthetic that, their goals being shelf life and appeal to human taste buds. In fact, sometimes the "foods"  they make have been found to cause cancer and other diseases, but we still permit these "foods" to be sold in OUR stores to anybody who chooses to buy them. You don't have to eat unhealthy food. You can choose what you eat!
Your muscles can be developed in order to strengthen your body's structure (muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, etc.) for better performance, less risk of injury and faster recovery if by chance your body gets injured. Sometimes people would rather not be bothered with weight training, choosing to see it as a commitment, not an opportunity. A "have to" instead of a "get to". You can choose whether you want to see weight training as a "have to" or a "get to".
You can move about playfully and raise your heart rate to improve your heart, lungs and overall endurance for performance of and recovery from future games. Sometimes people don't understand how to monitor their heart rates. They believe that perspiration is a sign of work, regardless of what pulse rate they are at. Sometimes people wear plastic or rubber suits to enhance perspiration, which is loss of body water. This kind of "weight loss" is not "fat loss", it's water loss. Water is what the body and muscles are mostly made of, but sometimes people choose to enhance the loss of this important nutrient when they are trying to lose excess body fat. You can choose to measure your heart rate and not enhance the loss of body water when "fat loss" is what you are after.
You can stretch your body to maintain and enhance its flexibility. You can be an artist maintaining and improving your equipment. Sometimes people are bored with stretching. They don't understand its short and long term benefits. You can choose to involve yourself in stretching and receive the benefits it has for you. 
You can learn from nature, your body is part of it. The plants and animals perform their tasks with power and grace, commanding respect with their undying efforts. The trees flow gracefully in the wind, the pounding splash of the ocean's surf never ends, the awe inspiring magnitude of the mountains exists for all to behold. Sometimes people shoot their guns at innocent animals and call it "sport". If they could see themselves through the eyes of the animals they might understand how cruel this "sport" is. Sometimes people dump their refuse freely onto and into nature's ground, water and air. Then we all are forced to live in unclean environments. Nature commands respect through its existence. Sometimes people demand respect to qualify their existence. WE ALL can learn from nature's example.
Yes, everyone has choices. And life is fair. With effort we thrive, without it we perish. All of us "live" and "die" from the choices we make. Sometimes people are overweight, have excess body fat, have bad attitudes, are greedy, live half of the years nature intended for them and half of those years are spent with old age related problems.  You can learn by watching what has happened to people because of the choices they have made. Maybe they can help you by serving as a living example of the consequences of unhealthy choices.
You see, I used to make unhealthy choices. I used to weigh 228 lbs. and was FAT. Now I weigh 200 lbs. and am healthier.  And every day, as I grow and use more and more of my mind, body and soul, I become more healthy.
Every person has choices.


Sometimes people are fueled by human nature; enlightened people are fueled by spirituality. Sometimes people are bound by human nature. You can be of the spirit, you can be enlightened. In human nature you do something about something when it bothers you enough. In spiritual nature you do something about something because you know it's right.

You are not your body, you are you. You use your body as long as you are in this world. You also use other "residences". Some other examples of residences are houses, places of work, cars, etc. Your body, being what you exist in for more time than any other residence, is your primary residence. Therefore, it only follows logic that your body be in better shape (within its potential) then your other residences (within their potential).
A paradigm shift for the world of health.
You do have choices.
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