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Article #1 - 11/23/98
This is a summary of an article I read in a fitness section of the New York Times dated 10/13/98. It is titled "No Gain in Backward Exercise, Experts Say." If you just read the title you'd think I was a nut for jogging forwards, backwards, sideways, circular, skipping forward, skipping backwards and side-stepping (volleyball-like movement) when I try to get healthier. Sure, I notice the looks from others, a lot less now than when I first started it. But there are huge benefits to be had from "jogging" in this manner.

Anyway, the article goes on to say "And, while a 1995 Texas Tech University study found that walking backward at a 16-minute-a-mile pace elicited higher heart rates and burned more calories than regular jogging at a faster pace, Edmund R. Burke, director of the exercise science program of the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, warns that it is not a practical way to get in shape or lose weight. "Since you don't have eyes in the back of your head it's an awkward way to move, Dr. Burke said.""

WHAT??? Anybody want to explain that to me? Let me get it straight. You can move SLOWER and get a HIGHER heart rate AND burn MORE calories and you get WARNED that it's not a practical way to get in shape or lose weight. All right, I think I got it. WHAT???????


Anybody want to explain that to my "never get sore like they used to knees"? How about the fact that many joggers are slowly deteriorating their knees, battling the time factor, knowing (fearing) that one day they won't be able to jog. All the while some of us are actually strengthening our knees with the way we "choose" to jog, even though we get strange looks from the "normal thinking" people out there. I'll tell you what - my knees don't give squat about how strange those people think I am. My knees just love not to hurt. In fact, they GREED not to hurt. Just be careful if you choose to try alternate forms of jogging. Go at it slowly, allowing your motor skills to develop the firing structure needed to allow movement with less risk of injury. And be aware of your surroundings. People aren't used to seeing people move like this. It catches them by surprise. They expect YOU to get out of their way since you are the one doing something "different" than normal. But that's okay, because it just gives you a chance to burn more calories and develop more motor skills. They can NEVER get in your way, the world is a big place with plenty of room for everyone to exercise.....GO FOR IT NOW!!!
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