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ANAEROBIC summarized
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#1. Caloric Expenditure:
Just as with AEROBIC exercising, doing ANAEROBIC exercises burns more calories than if you just lay down and do nothing. But the anaerobic (weight training) caloric expenditure is NOT as efficient as the aerobic expenditure. You do burn off more calories than just sitting around, but you do not use up as many calories weight training as when your pulse is elevated. This is a good reason to CROSS TRAIN - keeping your pulse up with aerobic movements mixed in with your weight training. BE CAREFUL THOUGH, HAVING YOUR PULSE UP WHILE WEIGHT TRAINING CAN BE DANGEROUS WHEN YOU ARE NOT IN VERY GOOD SHAPE, SO START OUT CAREFULLY.

#2. Ascending/Descending Metabolic Curve:
This is also the case when it comes to your METABOLIC curve. Your internal workings WILL speed up, thus using more of your stored energy, but not nearly as much as when your pulse rate is elevated.
So, even though you DO have a fat loss advantage with a raised METABOLIC CURVE when you weight train, it doesn't come close to the one you get when doing aerobic training. This would be another good reason to CROSS TRAIN - keeping your pulse up with aerobic movements mixed in with your weight training. Be careful when first starting cross training, start out careful.
#3. Muscle/Fat Ratio:
This is THE most efficient "fat burning" method of the ANAEROBIC paths you can take on your excess body fat reducing travels.
As you increase your muscle density and/or size, you better your muscle/fat ratio. And, as you decrease your body fat content, you better your muscle/fat ratio. So, as you can see, you can involve yourself in a "snow ball" effect of DENSIFYING and/or INCREASING your muscle mass and REDUCING your excess body fat --- which, in simpler terms, means you will LOSE FAT and LOWER your body fat percentage as you better your muscle/fat ratio.


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