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AEROBIC (summarized)
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#1. Caloric Expenditure:
Okay, so we all know about this one. But the good news is that this "fat loss secret" DOES have a secret behind it. It is one of the LEAST powerful ways to lose excess body fat. Just because you go out and cut down on your calorie intake does not mean you will lose excess body fat. That doesn't mean you get to eat everything in the world if you follow the other fat loss secrets, but you do NOT have to fight against food or diet in order to lose excess body fat. YOU NEED FOOD TO GIVE YOU THE NUTRIENTS SO YOU CAN HAVE THE ENERGY TO EXERCISE - AND THROUGH THE EXERCISE YOU CAN USE UP ALL THE EXCESS BODY FAT YOUR LI'L HEART DESIRES.
All said and done, you DO use up calories when you get aerobic. So Caloric Expenditure does happen when you do aerobic exercise, but, as ANY dieter can tell you who has looked at those food charts, you can eat a WHOLE LOTTA FOOD in 20 minutes (my record is about 3,000 calories) and exercise just doesn't burn off THAT many calories in 20 minutes. LUCKY for us, it does NOT have to .......    read on.
#2. Ascending/Descending Metabolic Curve:
Inside your body MANY changes are constantly going on. All of these changing factors are grouped together and called your "metabolism". When you do aerobic exercise, your body cells get crankin'. Your metabolism rises, speeds up, increases, etc. This "curve" of a metabolic ascend and descend can be used to your advantage. Knowledge of this CURVE can help you position yourself  to lower your excess body fat. After you are done exercising, this CURVE is still "up there". It takes awhile for your cellular structure to "slow down". Sometimes it takes HOURS. So don't just go home and throw some food down into your stomach, wait a little while so your body has a chance to burn up some of its excess fat. You won't have any problem finding  food later on, believe me.

#3. Aerobic Capacity Enhancement:
When you do aerobic exercise, your "Aerobic System" gets enhanced. Your CAPACITY to do the exercise INCREASES. You become more of a LEAN, MEAN, FIGHTING MACHINE ! So the same exercise in a few days is actually MORE than it was today. Your body becomes HEALTHIER and therefore does MORE when it does something. WOW, this health stuff is pretty cool, huh? It is sort of like hitting a nail (your workout) with a hammer (your body), except THIS hammer actually gets BIGGER (stronger) each time you use it. So when you "strike the nail" (which is working out), YOU ACCOMPLISH MORE WITH EVERY SUCCESSIVE WORKOUT. You are constantly getting STRONGER and HEALTHIER. And guess what excess fat is? Lack of EASE, therefore it is disEASE. As you get HEALTHIER, you get LESS disease. You lose excess weight (fat). When you lose fat through exercise, your body  feels firm and you get muscle tone.
#4. Extended Aerobic Exercise:
 This is the most efficient of the 10 ways to reduce excess body fat. When you make out your plan to reduce your fat levels, you MUST figure out TWO things:
1. Why is excess fat there?
2. Why would it leave?
If you break it down to those two questions, then go about answering them with your actions (not just your thoughts and words), LOSING excess fat will be NO problem at all.
Your stored fat is just that, STORAGE. It is energy you have CHOSEN not to use up yet. That is how your body looks at it. Your body looks at fat as a BENEFIT. Your body LOVES fat.
You have a couple of other energy sources your body will use BEFORE it will use up much of its excess fat.
1. Glycogen (muscle sugar)
2. Food you recently ate (blood sugar)
To use up these two to a level that DEMANDS your body to call upon its excess fat stores, it usually takes about 30 to 40 minutes of continuous aerobic activity. ALWAYS monitor your pulse rate so you know if you are or are not aerobic AND are or are not training too hard. No need to  drive yourself into the ground to get healthy.


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